Sapetti is a boutique design consultancy based in Switzerland. Founded by Marc Sapetti, an Andorran born product and furniture designer with a multicultural background. The studio focuses on providing our clients with integrated research, innovation, and product design development, helping companies to discover and realise new products that will enhance their brand.  
Our 3 pillars approach:
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What is your approach to your work?
We have a holistic approach to design; we believe that design is not just a beautiful shape, but the sum of different factors such as engineering, aesthetics, user experience/ergonomics and communication. A good product is one that is visually pleasing, that improves the user experience and that works for the company; finding the right balance between these three points is what translates into a good design.

A characteristic of your creative process…
At Sapetti we give importance to the first stage of the project: the briefing. Our fist steps to tackle a project is to become “experts” in the matter through market research, behaviour’s analysis, technical requirements, etc. As a result doing a critical analysis and understand where the opportunities lie and what are the user’s real needs. We also take the opportunity to understand and analyse from an external point of view our client’s business, their needs today and tomorrow and how can position them closer to their goal through design. This process tends to lead the relationship towards a long-term partnership, allowing more in-depth and complete solutions to our clients.

Then comes the “make it happen”, from the concept to the final product. We put emphasis in working closely with our clients and providers, it is crucial to think of every aspect of the product together with the engineering teams with the aim of optimising the manufacturing process as well as the accessible resources. This synergy between design and engineering leads to innovative solutions and well-thought products. 

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